Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Centralized intelligence gathering

I keep reading about a National Investigation Agency in the lines of America's FBI being setup in India. It will have sweeping powers over the jurisdiction of a State's administration and police force. Unlike the CBI which requires the state government's consent to investigate a case, the NIA will receive directives directly from the centre.

I do not understand why we need another investigative agency. Why cannot we make CBI efficient and elevate it with the powers of NIA? Though important in investigating an offense after it has been committed, it is a waste of our politician's sparse[sic] time discussing and tabling this in parliament.

We need an agency to prevent attacks from happening. We have two such national agencies in IB and RAW for domestic and foreign intelligence and a multitude of state agencies. What we need is something in the lines of America's Department of Homeland Security which coordinates the efforts of these intelligence organizations. It is the mother ship that collects and analyzes information from all its subsidiaries and constantly innovates to meet new threats.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Proactive research on terror

A biological terror attack is likely soon says an expert panel created by the US Congress.


What are our politicians doing on studying our current and future terror threats? We usually hear of commissions and investigations conducted AFTER a terror event has taken place. These investigations are slow and the event is long forgotten (pardoned?) before it is made public. To make things worse, the lax politicians do not take these reports seriously and go about their usual vote bank politics.

We need proactive research and willpower from our leaders to seriously follow through.