Monday, June 11, 2007


"Pink is my new obsession" sings Aerosmith. Traditionally it has found more appeal with the fairer sex. But things have changed these days.

I used to shy away from having to do with anything pink. Pink and me, no way! It is only for gals or sissies.

I recently wore a pink shirt during one of my wedding related ceremonies which caught quite some attention, hopefully for the right reasons.

[Here is where my picture with a pink shirt should appear]*

If you are thinking that I have found style in the Ramarajan or Govinda school of fashion, maybe you are right. But sorry I just do not care. I enjoyed my limelight and dared to do the wildest of things.

Wearing the same pink shirt to office..ahem the world is never friendly nor forgiving everytime!

* Naaah..Making a fool of myself does have its limits!!