Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tale of two countries

I was just reading PH's post when I decided that I need to pen some of my own thoughts on this topic.

First a little bit of a background. I did my masters in the US and worked there for a year before deciding to move back to India. Now its been slightly over two years and I still keep getting this question once in a while "Why did I come back to India?" To put things in perspective there were many reasons of which I will delve into the most significant ones.

1) "I was fed up living there trying to get a relevant job": 2003/2004 were the years when recession was just starting to loose steam. But there was a big anti-India anti-H1B wave back then. There were many interview calls to fill limited positions. Foreign candidates were the last ones to be considered.

2) "Missing my loved ones back home": It had been almost 2 years since I last visited them and would have been another year had I secured a job just then.

3) "Hiring in India": It was shooting northward. Gone were the days when trivial jobs and backend office work were being done in India. Good companies were setting up their R&D labs in India aplenty. The scenario looked very rosy.

Here I am now happily married enjoying my work...touch wood! But once in a while I look back at the country I studied last, met a whole lot of great friends, my very nice colleagues at my former work place, the american way of life and realize how much I miss it!

PH says "Grass appears greener on the other side" and I completely agree with her.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I am alive

So I am finally posting after more than a year now. Sometimes you get very enthusiastic when its all new and then laziness creeps in. Thats exactly what happened to me!

I am still thinking of what to write. Maybe it should be short and simple. I may need some motivation to continue posting or maybe the look of some of my words on the page would inspire me to carry on. So excuse me if you took the trouble of reading absolutely nothing.

I am back and would start bothering you to keep visiting my blog.