Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tale of two countries

I was just reading PH's post when I decided that I need to pen some of my own thoughts on this topic.

First a little bit of a background. I did my masters in the US and worked there for a year before deciding to move back to India. Now its been slightly over two years and I still keep getting this question once in a while "Why did I come back to India?" To put things in perspective there were many reasons of which I will delve into the most significant ones.

1) "I was fed up living there trying to get a relevant job": 2003/2004 were the years when recession was just starting to loose steam. But there was a big anti-India anti-H1B wave back then. There were many interview calls to fill limited positions. Foreign candidates were the last ones to be considered.

2) "Missing my loved ones back home": It had been almost 2 years since I last visited them and would have been another year had I secured a job just then.

3) "Hiring in India": It was shooting northward. Gone were the days when trivial jobs and backend office work were being done in India. Good companies were setting up their R&D labs in India aplenty. The scenario looked very rosy.

Here I am now happily married enjoying my work...touch wood! But once in a while I look back at the country I studied last, met a whole lot of great friends, my very nice colleagues at my former work place, the american way of life and realize how much I miss it!

PH says "Grass appears greener on the other side" and I completely agree with her.


tt_giant said...

From what I observe, you still enjoy things wherever you are, so that is what matters the most. I mean, how many people have done the rapids? And then, how many people have done the rapids in India? you rock da!

grass greener is true.

Maverick said...

tt_giant: yeah right :) Live your life to the fullest wherever you are.

///slash\\\ said...

Hmmm- nice-nostalgic post- find myself relating to most of the "bullet" points:-))

Maverick said...

Yeah it relates to most of us who returned home during that time period.

But alls for the best! Am gonna write another senti ;) article on how I feel now after my recent trip to the US.

PH said...

hey, have visited your blog after a long time! good to see this post!

one thing i can never forget from the Master's experience, are the few good friends i made! :)