Saturday, March 10, 2007

I am alive

So I am finally posting after more than a year now. Sometimes you get very enthusiastic when its all new and then laziness creeps in. Thats exactly what happened to me!

I am still thinking of what to write. Maybe it should be short and simple. I may need some motivation to continue posting or maybe the look of some of my words on the page would inspire me to carry on. So excuse me if you took the trouble of reading absolutely nothing.

I am back and would start bothering you to keep visiting my blog.



///slash\\\ said...

Aha- just when it was time to send some "rude awakenings", the man himself turns up taking "responsibility". I guess its about time we had a chat.

tt_giant said...

hey yo! congrats dude. and welcome back!

Maverick said...

slash: Yes a chat is long due. Our schedules some how do not match.

tt-giant: Thanks and sure will try not to blow-up my comeback. Wait for my next post.