Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Can the dumbest brain outsmart the smartest computer?

Sounds impossible, does not it? But this is what a bunch of CAPTCHA researchers are trying to solve. Image recognition software used by spam bots is helping solve the challenge. There needs to be something, either a visual or sound, that would be computaionally hard for a computer to decipher but easy for the dumbest brain out there. Users already have a tough time keeping up with their passwords. The last thing they would need is to solve a puzzle to sign up for an email account!

Friday, January 02, 2009

God's own country

We just returned from Kerala and boy was it a relaxing vacation. We spent a couple of days cruising the backwaters of Allappuzha (Alleppey) on a Kettuvallam (House boat) . We had delicious local food prepared by the on board cook. Pampered ourself to an Ayurvedic oil massage. Saw some exotic local and migratory birds. Checked out small channels branching off the backwaters in canoes. Caught amazing sunsets and the stars of the night sky was spectacular. A truly amazing experience!