Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trip to the US

I was recently at the US for a couple of weeks to attend an engineering summit. It was nostalgic to relive that lifestyle. Work on the weekdays and enjoy your weekends. There are a lot of options to explore over the weekends unlike here in India ranging from sky diving to a visit to the local aquarium. There is always stuff to do for all kinds of people to suit their respective interests.

However it does get very lonely out there. You have very few friends and other like minded people. So inspite of the number of things you could do, you may not find the buddies to accompany you.

Onto other things, I really enjoyed driving a Hyundai Elantra all over the place while there.

One of my bosses there told me that we should be driving on the right side and not wrong side of the road here in India ;)


tt_giant said...

Hey! when were you here? where did you land?

reverse-nostalgia is something which I have not experienced yet, but from what you say, it looks like a regular feel-good thing!

Maverick said...

I was at Dublin,CA mid April for a couple of weeks. It was a sudden and short trip.

Reliving any good memory from the past is enough to feel nostalgic :)

///slash\\\ said...

dai- too many senti posts coming out:-))
guess if anusha had been with you we wouldnt have heard all this;-))
hehehe i'm wicked very very wicked

Maverick said...

Yes too many too soon. Need to add some flavor to my blog or I am on my way becoming a Simi Garewal!!