Sunday, September 11, 2005

Crazy bachelors

There are usually people around in my office during the night, some working hard and others who appear to be working hard. There are still others who come to office for PR purposes. I flip between 'appear to be working hard' and 'PR' categories.

Since Wednesday was Vinayaka Chaturthi and a holiday, there was hardly anyone in office on Tuesday night. Me and my roomie Nike were dead bored when we decided to go to mumbai for the heck of it. We took of from my bike at around 11:45 pm when the sensible lazy bone in our brain told us we were nuts! Instead lets go to this nice eatery near Pune station. Alright, we go towards it when we come close to a theater. Hey hey hang on..wats fun in eating food, we do that everyday screamed our 'gimme a break' brain-bone. Fine, so we pit stopped at the theater. There was this movie No Entry running and trusting wat my gym friends told me, we bought the tickets. After entering the theater we realized the blunder we made. It was a salman shirtless khan movie! Our wise-brain bone signaled danger in all directions. We were ready to hit the door when we heard the crowd laughing.

We sat on to watch the movie and man was it a roller coaster ride! I was suspended in mid air with fits of laughter right through the movie. Hey junta do not ever miss out No Entry!


///slash\\\ said...

i think i will take a pass at this one!!!!

tt_giant said...

Glad you had a nice time man. Inga padam paakanumnaa kooda mudiyaadhu!!.. :-(

Where is your 7?

Maverick said...

slash: given our skeptism and past experiences..remember 'humse mohabbat karega' ;) your decision is understandable

ttgiant: it sure is a rip off watching movies there, specially when Indian movies are released only in the big cities.

///slash\\\ said...

yes yes!!!
how can anyone forget that one!
esp with melody teeming with rats!!!
guess they forgot to call the pied piper back then.....