Monday, October 31, 2005

Love, war and peace

Joy and festiveness shattered,
By a single moment of outrage.
Is it even necessary to express,
anger and emotion through violence?

The pretty six year old had a long life ahead.
Grandma wanted to just be with the little ones.
Shopkeepers were looking to go home sweet home
Urchins and homeless were just enjoying the lights.
Everybody out there was in a festive mood,
All of them happy in their own very way!

Then came the sharp stinging blow that shook all,
The devil himself had set foot upon earth.
It was loud, gruesome and painful.
And it took away everything small and big!
Dreams were broken, love was lost,
future disappeared and darkness descended.

So there is a reason for everything in this world.
What can be the reason for this carnage?
Somebody wanted to make a statement, fine!
Now that they have, what have they achieved, seriously!
Will they get what they want by doing this,
or keep doing this till mankind is all wiped out!

People have forgotten Mahatma Gandhi,
Be it a Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi.
The very pillar of non-violence had liberated us
from the crutches of slavery in our own land.
He needs to descend upon the hearts of all people again
Dispelling the omnipresent hatred and vengeance.

Please heal the world o'mighty bappuji!


///slash\\\ said...

nice one!!!
never realised that you had a poetic edge ....
keep them rolling...
(btw - whats with all the pink???)

Maverick said...

I didnt realize it wud
be so home monitor
was crazy lately!! ive changed it
back to black beauty.

PH said...

hey mav,

i dint know about your thoughts on this topic!

good post!

Siva said...

Good one!!

tt_giant said...

Nice one man.. I am pleasantly surprised at your poetic skills..

Maverick said...

tank u tank u :)

PH said...


nice diwali photos! and what ice cream are you eating?

Maverick said...

Thanks! I was having praline crunch...butter scotch as it is called here :) You know how i used to hog on that ice cream there :D

PH said...

trust you to know the latest and greatest information on ice cream

praline crunch = butter scotch

ha ha ha ........

i wont get into what your mom and dad were eating, but i miss indian ice cream :(