Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blood donation debacle

There was a blood donation camp recently near our office and we decided to go for it.

The last time I had donated was around 3 years back in the US. Apart from the 'feel-good' factor, goodies like t-shirts, key chains etc. used to be given to donors. The people handling the process are thorough professionals and make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

We went post noon just after having our lunch. The security guard stopped us near the entrance asking us to enter our names in their registry as our company did not belong to this building. We did so and went to the first floor following directions. It turned out to be an under construction floor with makeshift aluminium paritions and a number of people wandering in a haphahazard way. There were a couple of blood testing areas at the center with long lines leading to them. Towards the end of the area were some people donating blood lying down on iron beds.

We filled our questionnaires only to realize that we needed to fill a pink one if we wanted to stand in the shorter line. There were two different agencies collecting blood in the same hall. We filled the pink one and had our blood pressure checked. We were then asked to go towards a table near the iron beds manned by a compounder. There were many donors cluttered around depositing their questionnaires and collecting empty packets needed to collect blood. This place was clearly understaffed. There were around 7 iron beds and 1 doctor moving across them inserting the needle and pulling it out once done. She also kept multi tasking to the blood testing section. When we were finally noticed by the compounder he asked us to go to another table performing blood tests first. Another long line! When it was my turn my name was entered in the register and directed to another line performing the blood test. Line is a line mathematically but not in reality. Name a trick in the book and it is done. People keep cutting, sneaking and what not.

Then comes the final decisive blow. There is this guy who comes running with blood dripping from his forearm, shirt sleeves and onto the floor. Everybody rushes and tries to stem the blood
flow. We had seen enough. We rush out of the place and vow to never come back to this place again.


///slash\\\ said...

Are you sure this wasn't an episode of MTV bakra? Sounds pretty scary to me. A colleague of mine and myself had to donate some blood a few weeks back. Reached the hospital after negotiating over an hours traffic and I'm informed that I need to have lunch before I donate. Being a work day my lunch was another one hour drive away. So we decide to have lunch nearby. Come back and find the lab closed for lunch. Wait for about 40 minutes and fill up the forms and stuff. Wait for another twenty minutes and we are checked for blood pressure and they inform me that my BP was low. Had to go have some coconut water and wait for another twenty minutes. Finish that and find no change in my BP(traditional thinking might force one to assume that since i was fuming my BP would actually be high). Am asked to come the next day. I nod my head and vow never to set foot into that hospital again.

Maverick said...

Wish it was unreal. Your experience sounds equally bad. I think blood donation camps should be avoided. Blood should be donated at good hospitals or blood banks.

Archana Raghuram said...

Hello Maverick,
Sounds like a horrible experience. Our office organizes blood donation camps regularly; I can only say the situation is slightly better. I wonder why they say there is a shortage of blood when so many people are willing to donate!!!!
I have found it is always best to go to a professional blood bank like Jeevan or Appolo. My experience with these people has been consistently good.

Maverick said...

Hi Archana,

Thanks for visiting.

Yes we had a bad experience but relieved that we did not go through the process entirely. Bottom line is camps should be avoided unless there is an emergency.

PH said...

It's sad that people face difficulties (!) when they want to do something good for the society.

Maverick said...

Hi Ph,

Yes it was a mutually beneficial thing to do but alas did not get the chance!

tt_giant said...

Alright, I am feeling queasy now.

Maverick said...

ttgiant, I was nauseating and restless with my hearbeat racing every additional second thatI was there! I can understand your queasy feeling!! :-)