Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taare Zameen Pe

A contemporary movie that is a touching account of a dyslexic child who faces the rat race of growing up in a world that does not understand him.

Darsheel Safary the child actor has performed brilliantly. After watching the movie, I imagined him to be a highly mature actor in the lines of Halley Joel Osment from the 'Sixth Sense' fame. On the contrary, he looked a playful naughty normal child during an interview by a CNN-IBN host. The music is simple and soothing. I just love Shankar Mahadevan and his slow numbers. Aamir Khan performed his role well as an actor/director. Considering the brilliant artist he is, he lived upto those expectations.

I watched this movie during a late night second show starting 9:45 PM after a long tiring day driving 200KM+ through traffic from Pune-Mumbai. I have very little patience to sit through long movies but this was an exception and was wide awake when it got over at 1:00 AM.

I would say that it was time well borrowed from my precious sleep.


///slash\\\ said...

Saw the movie last week- Thoroughly enjoyed although felt the second half was a bit too quick and a bit too simple:-))

Maverick said...

It is not oscar worthy but definitely the best amongst the recent hindi movies. Yes it could have been made more complex and that would have given it a push for a regional oscar nomination.

PH said...

Absolutely agree with you about the songs! That is the CD which is playing in my car. :)

Btw, I have taken up your renowed position of sleeping through any movie (in Lexington). :D

Maverick said...

Lol! Sleeping when you should not is most tempting :)

tt_giant said...

We missed it when it released here. :(

Maverick said...

Thats too bad. But definitely watch it at the next opportunity. With all the hype surrounding it now, it may not meet expectations.

Watching a movie before hearing about it can be fun but risky :-)