Monday, November 15, 2010

Security quirkiness at Akshardham

I had been to the Akshardham temple at Delhi recently and must say that it is one of the most beautiful temples I have ever seen. I would rate it on par with my Taj Mahal trip earlier this year. It is a must see for anyone visiting Delhi. The security is very high, probably due to the past attack on the Akshardham temple in Gujarat. No electronic items including phones or cameras are allowed. Security checks are similar to those at airports. Some observations:

1) Belts are not allowed to be worn through security check. Apparently, belts interfere with the new full body scanners installed at various airports. But guess what, there are no full body scanners at Akshardham!

2) Multi-factor authentication: Bags greater than the size of a small ladies purse are not allowed inside. We had to deposit our belongings filling up a form and received a token in exchange. To receive the items on our way back, we had to provide the token and speak out the name and telephone number we earlier entered on the form. God help those who specified numbers they do not remember and are stored on the deposited phone's contacts list.

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