Tuesday, August 09, 2005


[Aug 9 2005 6:09 PM IST]

Discovery has finally landed in Edwards Air Force Base in California!

News of the descent had gathered worldwide attention after the Columbia disaster almost two and a half years back. NASA had vowed to not have another incident similar to Columbia. But when Discovery was launched there was debris falling from the spacecraft, which was captured on some newly installed advanced cameras. There was speculation and worries that this was going to be a Columbia-II. Luckily, none of the debris hit the spacecraft this time round. NASA has cancelled all future lift-offs until it can address the 'debris falling' issue comprehensively.

The safe return of Discovery is good news to the world over. Man has been bold and intelligent enough to venture to space and send rovers to Mars. Exploration of the unknown expanse of the universe, just as man explored Earth some hundreds of years ago, will lead to progression of mankind and beyond!

Looking forward to the Galaxian empire and the Jedis, in some birth of mine.

May the force be with you!


tt_giant said...

I always opine that there ARE other life forms, just that they don't look like what we want them to be.

Recall MIB's last scene..

Siva said...


The landing was good... I sometimes think NASA's jobless...