Friday, August 19, 2005

Trip to Chennai Part 2

My Chennai vacation was real fun. I got to meet up with
my family and friends after a long time.

There was no other incident on my last leg journey on
train from Bangalore to Chennai. The ride was peaceful
and slept right through. Next thing I know, my brother was
at the station.

There were these ID day celebrations going on. Took part
in the marathon the morning I came and won second prize
just behind my brother. Bro has been very atheletic
since his school days. At some point of time it does dawn upon
all older bros that their kiddie sibling are not all that little

I met up my friends after some 4 long years! It was a wonderful
reunion. We caught up with some old times and had some
hearty laughs. Fruit shop used to be one of our favorite
hangouts and still is. We had our days of chaos and ruckus there.
Who ever said you could not get high with lime mint cooler!

We guys have planned another get together this diwali. Hope
to have another blast then!


tt_giant said...

machhi..marathon odniya?. excellent!. I am running here too.. but only 5 miles.

glad that you had a nice time in madras. nothing beats home!

PS: why do i get the feeling that emails would be replaced by blogging?

///slash\\\ said...

hey maverick....
maybe you should install a counter too on ure blog - myself and 'ND'-Pak
use statcounter -it nice and easy...

something tell's me 'ND'-pak has'nt a clue about our 100 mile aashiathon... lol-
my new post will come in a while...
recent developments have put a strain on it rite now... shall email u about it...

tt_giant said...

aaah.. aashiathon?!.. dei.. ennangada solreenga?.

Maverick said...

aashiathon is the marathon where the participants decide how far to run. It is usually by consensus. Considering how lazy humans tend to be when the motivation is less, they normally sets minimalistic goals.

So our aashiathon turned out be 3 rounds around our behemoth campus ie less than a kilometer! :>

jeez slash..i was baskin in glory till now :)