Friday, December 30, 2005

The Great Goan Escape - Day 4

I woke up at around 9 AM as I had to checkout of this temporary accomodation by 10 AM. Got myself a cold quick shower and a shave. Then of I went towards Baga beach with a bag and my broad straw hat protecting me from the scorching sun. This time I was alone waiting for my engg friends to arrive in the evening. Time was moving at a snails pace :(

On my way to the beach, I stopped at a browsing center just to kill time. I managed to stay there for an hour blogging one of my earlier posts. Then at the beach I got a laid back chair and an umbrella to rest. I got lucky too and had some company speaking to this firangi babe, atleast till her boyfriend arrived ;) Had a dip in the sea and took some panoramic photos and videos. I was too lazy to go to the restaurant and so ordered food to be brought to my chair.

After a while, I went back to the Internet cafe and killed some more time. Finally, my friends landed in Goa from Hyd and asked me to come to their hotel. I then met up with my engg buddies Ray and Kates. Ray had come with his family and friends. We guys then walked along baga beach enjoying the dusk and the cool breeze. I moved to Rays place and spent the nite there while all others partied at club Titos. I just wanted to sleep peacefully and was not interested in clubbing anymore!


KB said...

Vivid description of u r fun trip !!! looks like u really njoyed a lot .. Goa is definitely a 'happening'place .. last time I went I did not get to visit all these beaches .. would definitely love to go there someday :)

Siva said...


Guess u had a ball! What ye dng on the new year's eve ??

Goa again ??

Maverick said...

kb: Sure you must visit Goa again! Tour guide Mav is ready to come with you ;) I know the place in and out as of now !!

Siva: Sure I had a blast man. Im currently planning to do something really different for new years eve!! Never done before by sane people. Im gonna be online and try to blog some more :D