Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Great Goan Escape Ends - Day 6

I get up early this time and decide to explore the place on foot. I walk through Calangute and Baga route. Ate at this English breakfast joint that served nice toasts and eggs at "over the roof" prices. Considering my expertise with eggs, I thought about opening my own bread and egg joint here and try becoming a millionaire ;)

I keep walking for another hour till I get hungry again. So then I stop at Subway and have a delicious 6 inch tuna sub. I got replenished and then met up with Ray and Kates at cafe Coffee day. We decide to camp at Baga beach again. Some more friends join us there and we get ourselves a shack of chairs and umbrellas. We have some good food and just lazed on our chairs. Ray went jet skiing and Kates pulled his disappearing act again!

Finally it was time to call it a trip! Ray dropped me at the bus stand and I got a bus to Panjim. Then to my utter dismay, I found that I had been put on the last row of a rickety flat bus. I pleaded with the conductor to give me another seat but he refused saying other seats were for families!! This was ridiculous but had to bite my teeth and hope for the best :( Ultimately, it was a "highway to hell" ride all the way back to Pune! I was riding a camel which had a cryogenic rocket attached to it posterior. What an end to the trip!!!

Overall it was an adventurous and awesome trip! I got a nice tan and some fresh air onto my lungs. Apart from the entertainment, I also got to learn a bit of Konkani and history/culture of Goa. Keep Goa on your cards next time you think of a wholesome trip!!


PH said...


posted a comment on your "Takeoff" post instead of this one, in error!

anyways, happy new year

///slash\\\ said...

nice one - finally finshed reading it...
looks like a lot of partying was long due....
so how was the return to monday morning work????

Maverick said...

Yeah..It was a long one :D
We sure had a blast but I had warmed
up to the serious office atmosphere by returning early ;) So Monday morning was just fine!

///slash\\\ said...

hey man
nice gliding pics.
but where the hell are you???
and by the way - theres is this cute chick in the sub junta pic who's not looking at the camera???
any chance in getting to know her - i mean for me of course ;-))

Maverick said...

slash, that was a camera deception with the light playing tricks :D But if you still interested then i cud hack the CBI/RAW image database and run a scan to find out more ;)

Maverick said...

I came in the latter part of the photo album. Check page 2 and 3. My camera and so unfortunately gotta click more than be clicked :(

tt_giant said...

happy pongal/sankaranti

try being the one who forgot to bring the camera, so youwould get in all pics!

Maverick said...

ttgiant, thanks man. wish you the same.

ya good idea! i am a forgetful person. i mite just forget this idea of yours and not forget to take the camera!!

PH said...

hey mav,

no post since a long time! whats up?

Maverick said...


Good chatting with you the other day. Hope your India shopping is going smooth. I spoke to Kan yesterday and she is doing good. Looking forward to your trip here. Will try catching up with you guys.

Nothing extra-ordinary is happening, so kinda stalled my blogging for a while.

Anonymous said...

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