Wednesday, May 21, 2008

People of Indian origin

I was reading news of Bobby Jindal as a possible republican vice presidential candidate.

In recent times there has been extensive coverage of the Louisiana Governor in the Indian news media. He has been proudly shown as a person of Indian origin who has risen stupendously at such as an early age to the top of American politics. He has been elected as the Indian Abroad person of the year in 2005.

BTW, here are some of the things he believes in:

- Opposes human embryonic stem cell research and abortion in any form.
- Denounces gun control legislation
- Favors teaching of 'intelligent design' in schools as an alternative to evolution.
- Committed to the Christian religious right
- In 2006, Jindal sponsored the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act, a bill to eliminate the moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling. His rating on environmental issues is amongst the lowest in the congress.


s.a said...

I do not understand what claim India has on achievements of a person, good or bad, for whose development India has contributed nothing other than a pair of genes long long time ago. To me, he's an American.

Maverick said...

@s.a: Yes thats exactly my point too. Firstly we should not harp about foreigners just because they have an Indian descent. Secondly even if we did, we should get the facts straight.

tt_giant said...

I really get annoyed when I see articles about this guy in rediff especially.

Maverick said...

ttgiant: Forget rediff. Nowadays most of the Indian news media sell sensational stories.