Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Indian media patterns

Have you noticed that there is always a phase when a particular story and different variants of it garner constant attention by the media. For example, the supposed racial attacks in Australia. The first time it appeared on the media, it created a furor. Then there was repeated mention of fresh attacks almost everyday. Why the sudden spurt? The current media fad is on Jaswant Singh's book and subsequent expulsion from the party. The headlines these days scream Arun Shourie is next,Vasundara Raje after that. It is like riding the wave and garnering public interest till it lasts but it can also get very annoying. Why focus only on issues that appeal to the emotional quotient. I prefer reading BBC News these days!


PH said...


Caught up with all your August posts today! Good reads!

Maverick said...

Thanks! Its been a while since I revisited my blog. Will be posting again soon.