Friday, August 07, 2009

Rajakeeyam @ Kokum, Pune

Out here in Pune, South Indian restaurants are usually associated with snacks. Kokum recently opened at Viman Nagar is an exception. They cater to all the needs of your stomach. You get authentic and delicious South Indian food that includes beverages, starters, main course and dessert! A daily lunch buffet for Rs. 250/person is a good way to find out if the food is to your liking. If you do end up during other times you can order a la carte (a tad bit expensive) or go for their thali on a silver platter called Rajakeeyam. The veg costs Rs. 500 and the non veg Rs. 600.

I tried the non veg thali and it was a true royal feast. There are starters to nip your taste buds accompanied with coconut water with tulsi leaves. The main course includes a yummy assortment of chicken(dry and gravy), mutton, king prawns, fish(dry and gravy), duck roast, boiled egg fry and channa columbu. You can have them with an unlimited supply of appams, Kerala barotas, iddiyapams, idlis etc. If you are still hungry there is mouth watering chicken and mutton biryani. There is a variety of payasams to finish of. This is a meal not to be missed!


Krishna said...

yummy ... all this in one sitting ? Sounds delicious but there is no chance to stay awake after this meal.

Maverick said...

Yes in one sitting. Staying awake was not a problem for me cos it was my dinner! :-)